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When I was about 13, my nail polish obsession has begun. In the beginning I could not get enough of it to put all the colors of the rainbow on my nails. For every birthday, I asked, nail polish! Years later, when I had almost only boring white manicures, my sister introduced me to nail art, especially waterdecals and stamping. Since then I'm really addicted at making fun creations on my nails.

In 2011 I started working at Nailways and have been able to try many products and all those creations I've shared on this blog. I have had no nail education. So sometimes it's for me also a great experience. I am always very proud if even one person says that she or he likes my creations and that I can inspire someone with that. And therefore I think also, Nailways, you'll nail it !!!

Lots of love,

Roosje Jonker

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  1. Leuk dat je van je hobby je werk kan maken. Ik ben bij deze geabonneerd. Sinds vandaag mijn eerste blog op wordpress.Ik begin de laatste tijd ook veel nagellakken te kopen maar helaas niet creatief. Zal vast wel vaak op jullie site te vinden zijn. Groetjes