dinsdag 30 september 2014


Misty Roses

It is very nice to try new things or try old things again.
These waterdecals for the whole nail have never been my best friends. Every time I try a different way to apply them. But they are so cute, so I will try over and over.
This time I cleaned my edges under warm water, not the best way to clean, I find out. So next time I will clean my edge direct with aceton. 
As a basecolor I used Greaser from Nailways and for the topcoat to melt the whole waterdecal I used Nailways Stamping Topcoat. This one dries not to fast. Something I already found out in the past. ;)

What do you think of my Misty Roses?

dinsdag 23 september 2014

SWATCHES: Nailways Gellook Collection

Totally forgot to show the Nailways Gellook swatches. These five nailpolishes are also stamping polishes. That's a unique combination. I show you below with a picture.
The colors are called after certain hairstyles: 132 Spiked , 133 Ponytail, 134 Mohawk , 135 Greaser and 136 Waterwaves.
Because they are of a particular substance, they cover with one layer and they dry very fast.

zondag 21 september 2014

NEW NAILWAYS NAILS: Simply White with Homemade Decals

Nailways has two new colors nailpolish; Simply White and Just Black. These are nailpolishes but also stamping polishes. I think that is a big pro.

For this nailart I have used Simply White. I added to layers at my nails. You can see above and below the result. I haven't used any topcoat yet. But it shines beautifull.

For the nailart I have made my own waterdecals. I first placed some Nailways Stamping topcoat at a plastic bag.  Make sure it's a hard plastic. Soft plastic sandwiche bags ain't working.
Then I just stamped at the plastic bag and used some nailpaint to fill in the picture. I finished with topcoat and let it dry. With a tweezer I pulled it of and pressed it at my nails. I finished with topcoat to melt the waterdecal at my nail. For the stamping image I have used Nailways Back to Basic, Blocks.

donderdag 11 september 2014

NEW NAILWAYS NAILS: Battle of Roses Nailart

This September, we have the Battle of Roses Nailart Competion on our Facebookpage. For that occasion I made a roses nailart.
I used as base colors Salta of Nailways and Kismet of ColorClub. Kismet is a beautiful holograpische nailpolish and it stamps also very good.
With Salta I stamped at Kismet and with Kismet I stamped at Salta. I used the roses of the stampingplate Nailways - Love is in the air.
For a little extra, I have made two white roses at the middle finger and index finger. I placed a rhinestone in the centre of these two white roses.

dinsdag 9 september 2014

NEW NAILWAYS NAILS: Spiked Roses Nailart

Always fun to try off new polishes. As basecolor I have used the nailpolish Spiked of the Gellook Collection of Nailways. This is a nice bright yellow color. On the middle finger and index finger I stamped with the Baroque Rococo Collection. The cute roses come from the stamping plate Springtime - Love is in the air also from Nailways.

For the little finger and ring finger I made my own waterdecals. I did this by putting Nailways Stamping TopCoat at a hard plastic bag. After drying I stamped with black and colored this with various colors of nailpaint. Again I used the topcoat and after drying I pick it up with some tweezers. At my nails  I also did some topcoat and let the decal melt. Then again topcoat over it. With a removerpen I have cleaned all the nail edges.
The result I think is pretty funny, just maybe not quite fit with the roses.

What do you think?

donderdag 4 september 2014


Today I have made an elegant and chic nail art. Nice for an evening out.
As base color I have used ColorClub 1008 Apollo Star. It's a beautifull and bright color. I have stamped with Nailways-Baroque -Obscur and the stamping plate of Nailways - Back to Basic - Lines. With this stamping plate you can go all ways and you can really show your own creativity.