zondag 21 september 2014

NEW NAILWAYS NAILS: Simply White with Homemade Decals

Nailways has two new colors nailpolish; Simply White and Just Black. These are nailpolishes but also stamping polishes. I think that is a big pro.

For this nailart I have used Simply White. I added to layers at my nails. You can see above and below the result. I haven't used any topcoat yet. But it shines beautifull.

For the nailart I have made my own waterdecals. I first placed some Nailways Stamping topcoat at a plastic bag.  Make sure it's a hard plastic. Soft plastic sandwiche bags ain't working.
Then I just stamped at the plastic bag and used some nailpaint to fill in the picture. I finished with topcoat and let it dry. With a tweezer I pulled it of and pressed it at my nails. I finished with topcoat to melt the waterdecal at my nail. For the stamping image I have used Nailways Back to Basic, Blocks.

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