donderdag 28 augustus 2014




New is the Collection Gellook of Nailways. 5 beautiful polishes also stampingpolish and nailpolish in one bottle. Each brush stroke is a guarantee of a glossy, durable color. It has a thick consistency which allows a perfect coverage of the nail and easy application on natural nails, gel nails and acrylic. 

The lacquers of the Gellook collection are named after different hair looks:
  • 132 Spiked
  • 133 Ponytail
  • 134 Mohawk
  • 135 Greaser
  • 136 Waterwaves
Link to shop: HERE

@ Stamping

Also new is the collection - part 4 of Quilty Addiction Plates. This collection consists of  12 beautiful stamping plates.

Link to shop: HERE


At the I LOVE SALE! we have this "cute" Voodoo dolls keyring. The dolls are 6 inches high. They are sent randomly, but when you purchase more than one purchase, we will send different dolls.

Link to Shop: HERE

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