woensdag 19 november 2014

NEW NAILWAYS NAILS: Double Stamping with PUEEN

For this Autumn Gold and Copper are the trend colors. The best gold color from Nailways is Caramel of the Aroma Collection. A beautifull and bright gold. I polished all my nails with Caramel and also had a Caramel smell around me. Delicious!!

I wanted to do the double stamping technique so I had to choose two stamping colors. I choose Chocolate and Apollo, both Nailways polishes which also stamp great.
I used the plate of PUEEN of the Encore Collection. One has nice Autumn leaves. I stamped all the image twice, first with Apollo and after that one with Chocolate.
I finished with Topcoat. Nice touch is that I now have chocolate caramel scented nails. Tasty!

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