dinsdag 17 november 2015


Today I made an easy 3D nail art with Nailways products!

First I used my favorite Seche White Ridge Filling Base which stays sticky after drying.

The nailpolish Baroque - 83B. Rococo covers realy well on this base, so one layer is realy enough! I let this dry completely for the next step. Then I did one nail at the time.

For the hearts of the flowers I used office stickers to make perfect rounds, larger stickers for thumb and middle finger and smaler ones for the rest. 

First I used the nailpolish Gellook - 134. Mohawk to fill in the rounds,  so it's already covered with a nice orange color. I immediately took of the sticker and covered the wet nailpolish with the beautiful Glow Glitz - Neon Orange. Tapped off the remains. Glow Glitz changes color depending on the light angle and in UV light it will be more activated... So PERFECT for a night out! 

Around the hearts I placed Studs - Neon Orange & Leaves to make the leafs of the flowers. In this case I did not finish with a top coat. The frosty appearance of the Glow Glitz and the matte studs make a magnificent 3D effect :)

Very easy to make with the result of a stunning Funky Flower 3D nailart.

See you next time,

Maaike Janssen

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