dinsdag 24 november 2015


Today I show you a fiery pink nail art with the lovely soak off gels from Nailways. The nicest part of UV gel is that you don't have to wait longer than 2 minutes to get a completely dry and with a glossy shine nail art all at once!

First I put a base coat at my nails with the SOAK OFF - Top and Base Coat. After curing them under a UV lamp I repeat that with the soft pink SOAK OFF - 590

Then I put a thin layer with soft pink SOAK OFF - 590 without curing at my nail. On the top that I placed a drop of SOAK OFF - 255 on the tip of my nail. This fiery pink has a little sparkle in it! With a dotting tool I made the flames by dragging from the centre of the drop to the middle of the nail and then back.

The dotting tool has still a little from the fiery pink on it, so I can make another flame. I dragged it three times from the tip and two times from the middle in between. I cured that under the UV lamp.

The ring finger I polished with Seche Vite - 14ml. At the side I placed 4 neon square studs and covered the rest with soft pink flocking powder. Now the high gloss of the fiery nails make a great contrast with the soft look of the ringfinger.

Still I don't know how phoenix rises from ashes, but my nails are ready for it :)

See you next time!

Maaike Janssen

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