dinsdag 3 november 2015


In the mids of Autumn the colours of Golden brown...

After a few times using Seche White Ridge Filling Base I'm loving it more and more... My nails stay unstained and the gaps are filled. It gives a pearly shine. 
At first I got the feeling that it didn't dry, but that's just the clue... It's dry, but stays a little sticky so the nailpolish you polish later above it, realy sticks and covers in one layer! Realy nice :) 

Today the nailpolish is the deep orange/brown Baroque - 83B. Rococo. Just one layer is perfect! With the Nailways foil glue I made different french patterns. When it was half dry I placed some copper foil on it from the Foil Nuggets Copper. Just some flakes and I tried to make it look "messy" so it lookes old and crackled. 

At the edges I places some golden holographic striping tape. The nail from my middle finger I decorated with nice red and blue metallic laser strands Red dragon

For the decoration with the Red Dragon laser strands, I took  the following steps. I took a piece of non sticky plastic (showcase a4) and placed a nail size base with top coat. I placed the laser strands on it, side by side. When it's complete dry, you can peel it off and cut it in the right shape. Then glue it on your nails. I used the same top coat for that. I finished with Seche Vite top coat on every nail.

My beautiful golden brown nails wants me to make a fire and enjoy the warmth :)

See you next time, 


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