dinsdag 25 augustus 2015


Hey everybody! This time I wanted to make a nailart with the GradiĆ«nt nail polish collection (own brand of Nailways) with the colors Axial, Linear, Gamma, Radius and Diffuse. But I could not choose with which color! So I decided to polish each nail with a different color. It's very fine lacquer. Which at first seems a bit thick, but you can apply it very easy without greasing the edges and the cuticles below. It dries quickly, covers almost at one time and shines very nicely. It's because I wanted to try out other things with my nails, otherwise I maybe had left them this way.

The white stamping lacquer of Mundo de Unas is very different then I'm used too, but the result is much better. It is anyway the most opaque white stamppolish that I have used so far. It picks up very well with the XXL Marshmallow Stamper Transparent - Sticky and let loose quite easily on the polished nails. I have chosen a floral pattern on the stamping plate PUEEN - Celebration Collection - LACE BLOSSOM. This stamping plate is really nice, because the patterns are big enough to stamp also at bigger nails. 

I had a hard time to choose the right pattern, because there are so many pretty patterns. I think I will use this plate very often.

The cleaning of Mundo de Unas is easier with the Fast & Easy - Finishing Wipe. You can also use this professional cleaner to clean the sticky layer of gel or to clean acrylic nails. But this cleans Mundo de Unas stamping polish at for example your cuticles very good. I have the feeling that this is better for your nails and hands than common acetone.

At the end I placed on the left side of each nail in a matching color four pebbles of the Colored Diamond Facet Rhinestones.

And here is the result: Something like a sort of Galaxy nails,  but then different.

Until next time!

Maaike Janssen

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel leuk geworden ! Ook de steentjes er.op zijn leuk

  2. Dank, het is nog leuker om te doen als het allemaal zo goed werkt :) Echt mooie spullen van Nailways!