zaterdag 8 augustus 2015


Gradiƫnt - 23. Gamma
Hello Ladies! Sometimes I´m confused about a color. I have this with the color I swatched today for you 23. Gamma. I do not know how to exactly call this color. It´s not red, not  really purple... maybe you can tell me :)
I polished three fingers ( thumb also) white with 11. Simply White. 11. Simply White is one of the most popular polishes sold at Nailways. And for this one... I know why! As a base to start your nailart it's perfect. Self-leveling and quickly dry are only two of the benefits of this polish. Also that are the characteristics of 23. Gamma.

23. Gamma I polished at my two other fingers and I used two layers to cover my nails perfectly. For stamping I used this time the Nailways Stamping Plate - Blocks and 23. Gamma.

The polish stamps also very easy and is of course a bit lighter than the polished nails, because this is only one layer. But I like the stamping color.

What do you think of this color?

Lots of love and see you soon!

Roosje Jonker

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Maybe bit more of a Berry shade? :-D Lovely mani, great stamping polish!

    1. That's exactly the color name I was looking for :) Thank you Miriam!