maandag 10 augustus 2015


Gradiƫnt - 24. Radius
Sometimes my nails grow so long that I become afraid they break. So before I started this swatch I shorten my nails. Now they can grow again. I shorten my nails by cutting them with a nail scissor and then file them. It's recommended that you only file your nails. But this works the best for me, because I have too file very very long. Now the swatch... :)

The polish 24. Radius is a deep dark purple. It's a very charming purple which covers the nails in two layers. Somebody said to me lately that it looks like gel polish. She found it so smooth looking.

I also have stamped with 24. Radius. I used the stamping plate of Nailways - 17. Blocks. I stamped it at 11. Simply White. When I saw the result, I thought  the color fits really well with this pattern.

What do you think of the nailpolish Radius and the stamping pattern?

Lots of love and see you soon!

Roosje Jonker

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