zondag 2 augustus 2015



Good news! Nailways has a new collection. It's called gradiënt and it's a mixture of pink and purple colors. I love these colors :) And I swatched the first color for you: 21. Axial
Axial is a hot pink color. The polish is as the whole collection self-leveling. So you only have to place two layers for a beautifull smooth result.

Gradiënt - 21. Axial
For my swatch I  painted two whole fingers with Axial. For the other fingers I first made them white with 11. Simply White. And then I stamped these fingers with 21. Axial and I used the stamping plate Pueen Lace Blossom

What do you think of the new collection and of the color Axial?

Lots of love and see you soon!

Roosje Jonker

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