dinsdag 28 juli 2015


Hi, Nailfans :)! Today I have used a MoYou stamping plate for the first time. Firsts are there for so many things lol.
Again this is a very green nailart. That because of the latest Nailways polish collection Nature. I started with 11. Simply White as my basecoat. To use a white first that works better for gradiƫnts. Then I used Peel Off and put that on the skin around my nail. If there comes any nail polish from the gradiƫnt or stamping on the skin, I can easily peel it off later.

Base Coat - Peel Off

After that I took a sponge set and sponged some yellow at the top of my nails with 132. Spiked. For the greens I used first 72. Grass and the darker green polish 73. Tree.

Nailways also sells the brand MoYou now. So I was very excited that I could use a stamping plate of them. I choose Tropical 11.

MoYou - TROPICAL - 11

I used the images of the plate with are below. These are beautifull tropical leaves. At every nail I used a different image. I stamped with a black stamping polish. After that I sealed everything with a top coat.

Do you also like green polishes or don't you use that color much often?

Lots of love and see you soon!

Roosje Jonker

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