maandag 13 juli 2015


Hello ladies! Today I show you my first attempt of the leadlight technique. It's a very easy and simple technique.
I started with a base of white nail polish 11. Simple White. I used two layers for total coverage. Then I used a black stamping polish and the stampingplate Lace Blossom of PUEEN. Now I had a white with black mani.

In the middle of each big flower I put a dot of the yellow polish 71. Sun. Also this gave a very nice effect for the nailart. After this I started the leadlight technique.

The technique is nothing more than filling in the white spaces with transparent polishes. I used a dotting tool, the back of a metallic stamping plate and the topcoat polishes Neptune Blue and Mercury Pink and the nailpolishes 75. Sky and 70. Pink Diva.
I mixed the pink polishes together and  blue polishes at the metallic plate with the dotting tool. After that I filled the flower leaves with the pink polish and the rest of the space with the blue polish.

I finished the nailart with a transparent topcoat.

What do you think about the leadlight technique? 

Lots of love and see you soon!

Roosje Jonker

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