dinsdag 21 juli 2015


Hello! It took a long time for my next post, always busy and enjoying the sunny days :) Today I did a nailart with foils. Also that was a long time ago for me! Nailways has got more than 120 different foils, so that was a big choice to make :)
I started with the beautifull green 72. Green of Nailways. It's a yellow green and gives a very sunny appearance. With two self-leveling layers my nails where totally covered. I let my nails dry for about 7 minutes.

I took my foilglue and smeared two thin layers at the nails of one hand and I waited till it became transparent. Then I choice the Exclusieve Foil B117 - Candy Flowers  . The foil was just added in the Nailways store. I cutted 10 pieces first and placed them one by one at my nails. I used a cuticle pusher to firmly press the foil at the nail.

I repeated this at my other hand which look a bit different by the use of other pieces of the foil.

I sealed my nailart with a topcoat which was not a fast drying one. With fast drying topcoats the foil can shrimp.

What do you think of this new foil in combination with the Grass color?

Lots of love and see you soon! 

Roosje Jonker

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