donderdag 29 oktober 2015


Here is a nailart for the Autumn lovers and an ode to Eva Cassidy, who sang this song (Autumn leave/Les feuilles mortes) so beautiful.

First I put on a base coat using Seche White Ridge Filling Base - 14ml. The brand Seche is back at Nailways. So if your nails can use a little extra they have always a product that will fit perfect. This base coat makes your nails natural white and if you have little dents it will make your nails smooth again.

On top of the base coat I put a polish layer of the Nailways Baroque Collection - 84B. Apollo. This is a kind of metallic polish and has a brown orange color. A ideal color for Autumn you can say. It realy covers and shines with only just one layer. 

I stamped with Mundo de Unas - 18. Silver the leaves from the stampingplate from Nailways, 01. Weather Forecast as shown in the picture above. 

My cuticles I cleaned up with a pencil from the 7-piece Professional Crystals Brushes Set and some remover. It's a very easy way of cleaning and you can work very precise.

At my ringfinger I used little pieces of metallic striping tape. In between I put from the Colored Diamond Facet Rhinestones wheel the colors gold and red. And finally a layer of Seche Vite top coat for a longlasting result.

I love the song (hopefully you too) and the leaves so much that I ended up making another one. But that one is for next time!

Sometimes you just need the autumn leaves...

See you next time,


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