dinsdag 6 oktober 2015


Hi girls! Today I wrote a review for you about two Nailways body products: Mineral Body Peeling - Tropics and Body Shea Butter - Luxury Beach Resort.

Because of medication use, I suffer from a little bit of a red skin that itches and quickly becomes irritated. So I have to be very carefully with all kinds of body products. 

I first tried a small spot on my hand with the mineral body peeling. This shows itself without a "scrub" feel easy spreading on the skin and with water as quickly changed in a creamy mass that feels silky. 

You feel the red dots, but it feels pleasant to the touch. The scents of the peeling is subtle and delicious. No red spots :) and so I did the arms and legs too :) 

Then I applied the body shea butter. I first tried it again only at my hand. It smells delicious and in the distance it smells like a very expensive perfume. But despite that, no irritation or redness. Very creamy texture and the amount of the photo was enough for two arms and shoulders! In short, I'm going to conclude this in a short time :)

Until next time!

Maaike Janssen

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