zondag 18 oktober 2015


Paper can be very stubborn. So here's how I tamed this beautiful gold lace paper :)

Of course I made a good start with Nailways Base Coat - Pink 15 ml. Then I applied two layers of the semi transparent soft nail lacquer 12. Misty Pink. This is a soft satin colour of Nailways and shines just like that.

I cut pieces a role of gold lace paper. The pieces had the lenght of my nails. Then I applied on the back a thicky layer of  Foil Nail Glue. I used tweezers and a underlayment that could be cleaned easily. The gold lace paper sucks the foil nail glue. I waited a few minutes till the paper became soft. 

I used my tweezers to place them in the centre of my nails. With the XXL Marshmallow Stamper Transparent - Sticky  I pressed firmly, so it went round my nails and covered every corner.
I used only the head of the stamper, but now I think that wasn't really necessary. I finished with the beautiful Autumn Glow - 92. Stardust Gold.

The result is a chic mani with golden a 3D look!

See you next time!

Maaike Janssen

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