zondag 4 oktober 2015


Hi girls! Nailways receives many questions about the use of soak off gel and how to work with it in combination with stamping, waterdecals and nailpolish. Today on World Animal Day I'll tell you more about it with my World Animal Day nail art :)

Nailways recently introduced its own brand: SOAK OFF. So today I work with SOAK OFF. I started with filing gently on my nails. I've made them dull so my nails didn't the shine anymore. This is for a better adhesion of the base coat with the natural nail. If you have thin or fat nails and adhesion doesn't goed well, use a primer. Then I cleaned my nails with Finishing Wipe.

SOAK OFF - Top and Base Coat

What is very easy, is that SOAK OFF the top and base coat is the same product in one bottle. I polised a thin layer on my nails and cured them for 2 minutes under a 36Watt lamp. This works like polishing your nails with regular nail polish, only you have to work very thin.

Then I used SOAK OFF gel Color number 10. This is a beautiful nude color. I have cured twice a layer under the lamp. Then I cured a layer of SOAK OFF top and base coat and top. At the result you will see a beautiful shining nude color.

After that you can do anything with your gel nails what you like. Of course you can also leave them the way the look :) For my nail art I have polised them with 92. Stardust Gold. This is just an ordinary nail polish. Then I worked with waterdecals - cats in love and stamped with MDU 17. Gold and the stamping plate Nailways 03. Traces. All this I sealed with a normal top coat. So after a week I can take off the nail art carefully with acetone and make a new nail art at the gel basis.

Lots of love and see you soon!


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