donderdag 24 september 2015


Hi ladies! I think the summer won't come back to us :(. But the Autumn brings new kinds of nailarts so that will be fun :). Today I started with a real Autumn thing 140. Chocolate. This is a nice dark brown nailpolish color which has a chocolate aroma.

To make it a real Autumn color I sponged at the brown with the metallic nailpolish 84B. Appolo. I could leave it this way, because the two colors together made it very special. But I added much more colors with the new stardust nailpolish 94. Stardust Hologram. These tiny little glitters shine in everycolor.

After I dried all the layers of nailpolish, I started with stamping the leaves. I used the large stamping plate - bontanic. This plate has very much leaves so you can choose every kind of leave you want. It's a real Autumn stamping plate. The stamping color is 26. Pastel Yellow of Mundo de Unas. After stamping I sealed everthing with top coat.

Did you already made some Autumn nails this year?

Lots of love and see you soon!


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