zondag 13 september 2015


Mess with purple and eventually create a pattern ... It has cost some practice!

First, I polished my nails with the beautiful Gradiënt polish 21. Axial. One layer was enough to cover my nails and good enough for the basic. The polish had to dry very good, but it did that very quick :)

Then I applied a thick layer again of 21. Axial. In the still wet polish I put a few dots of the Gradient polish 25.Diffuse .With a nail art dotting tool I pulled swirls from the outside to inside pulled in the wet polish. After that I finished with two thick layers Nailways Top Coat 15ml.

After a couple of tries it went very reasonable and I am quite happy with the result.

Did you already tried this nailart method?

Until next time!


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