zondag 27 september 2015


Ok, you can say that I'm not a fan of those big hairy crawlers. But I can handle some small ones on nails :)

I started with a deep black nail polish from Nailways 14. Just Black. On top of that I made a gradiënt with a silver/purple metallic nail polish. I used a sponge from the Big Sponge Nailart Kit. The first layer I sponged on the biggest part of my nail, but I left the space black by the cuticle. The second layer I sponged a bit more over the middele of the nail. I finished with the thirth layer only on the tips of my nails.

The itsy bitsy spiders I found on the stamping plate Darker Period - 16. Halloween and there are two different sizes. I put them on the tips of my nails in a random order. Just where there was enough space.

Of course I used the black stamping polish Mundo de Unas - 2. Black and cleaned up  with Fast&Easy - Finishing Wipe. This time I used a matte top coat Top Coat - Matt to make the black along the cuticles and the little spiders, more of a sinister kind....

In the end I even started to fall in love with the itsy bitsy spiders :)

Until next time!


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