dinsdag 1 september 2015


Hey everybody, this time I have made a kitten nailart. I love cats and when I saw these waterdecals "Cats in Love" I knew immediately that I was going to try these :)

First I polished my nails white with nail polish Nailways Basic - 11. Simply Whiteexcept the ring finger which I made beautiful dark pink with Gradient - 21. Axial also from Nailways. Again very fine polishes which cover well and have a nice gloss.

At the tip of the nail, I put the waterdecals. It's very easy. First I cut the 10 pictures that I want to use. I lay them at wet washcloth. When the waterdecals come loose, I grab them with my tweezers and put them at my nail.

Near the cuticle I stuck with a bit of nail glue, the pretty pink chubby hearts. These come in a jar so they are easy to catch with a pinchet.

I had to use two thick layers of top coat to make it is a beautiful ensemble and to protect the waterdecals.

Until next time!


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