dinsdag 29 september 2015


Hey everybody, this time I will tell you how I create my clear acrylic nails. I chose for the beautiful french clear tips nails from Nailways to make them.

First I need to tell you, I am NOT a nailstylist, have NO education in doing nails, I just do what feels right for me. So no perfect acrylic drops, The making of these nails take me more than two hours, I have glue under my nails. But here it is, flaws and all :)

At first I shortened my nails and cleaned them thoroughly. I did this carefully with a file (Bananen zebravijl 100/180) and I get rid of all the dirt and lose cells.

As you can see at picture 1 I have some white spots in the nail bed from my previous manicure. Because it doesn't bother me I leave it that way, besides the more I remove from my natural nails the more it wil get irritated.

I've learned that it has no effect on the result. I wash my hands with a very gentle soap and peel them with a soft peeling (Mineral Body Peeling - Tropics). It makes my skin and nails ready for the oil. As you can see in the picture my cuticles and hands are very dry and in need of a treatment with oil (Luxe Roll-On Nailoil: Mango Orange). I let the oil stay and wait till the oil has drawn in my skin.

After disinfect and degreasing my nails I took out the box with nailtips and searched for the best size to fit my nails. If needed, I shape the sides with a file on the sides so that they will fit perfectly. I usually put the tips more in the middle of the nail and not at the top end as supposed to. With me this works better and the nails stay on longer. I use glue with a brush to do this. (Nailways - Nail Glue)

When the glue has completely dried, I buffer the edges of the clearnails so they become flat like the rest of my nails.

Adjusting the length of the nail I use a tipcutter. Because I want to have a complete transparant result I use the clear acrylic powder from Nailways with the fastdrying liquid Nailways Acrylic Monomer - Fast Violet - 50ml. I use 3 to 4 layers. It has never been succesfull for me to make a perfect pearldrop, so I just do it in layers.

After I have buffered my nails again I finish off with a top coat. In picture 5a you can see that the manicure is completely see-trough, just like glass. You can also see the white spots and the glue residue.

With a multi tool and a conical bit I remove the glue residue from under the nail and put on a highgloss layer of topcoat under the nail to make it clear again. I leave the white spots as they are, because it doesn't bother me. Of course if you want you can mask it with a pink, cover or acrylic powder.

Coming up, some nice various nail-arts with these glass nails as base. So keep up!

Until next time!


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