zondag 20 september 2015


Hello everyone! Today I made a cool orange Autumn nailart for you with the nailpolish of Nailways 138. Orange. What's in the name :)

The beautiful high gloss lacquer has a deep vibrant orange color. I used two layers for security. It really covers with one layer, but I want to at least have fun for week of my nails:)

At my nailtips I added the french waterdecals tips WDmB-059. It looks very cool! Just lay them on a wet washcloth, wait and place them very easy at your nail.
On the edges of the french waterdecals I have placed three neon star studs. These I secured with some nail glue with a brush at my nail.

Of course I used two thick layers of top coat to seal everything. And here is the result... it's very cool and autumn I think.

Until next time!


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