dinsdag 15 september 2015


Hey all, in the early autumn sun I made a cute pastel stamping nailart with the brand new products of Nailways!

First I polished a white base with 11. Simply White. Over this base I polised the brand new semi-transparent lacquer Autumn Glow - 12. Misty Pink. This is also a very fine lacquer  which gives the desired result in one layer. 

For the stamping I used the mini stamping polishes of Mundo de Unas 64. Velvet and 71. Nabu. You only have to put a little bit of the polish at the plate, not too much otherwise it works against you :) The stamping plate I choose, was from Bundle Monster - XL Stamping Plate - XL05

Bundle Monster - XL Stamping Plate - XL05

For the finish I used the new polish Autumn Glow - 93. Stardust Silver. It gives a very nice mica and it shines bright in the autumn sun :)  A big advantage of this polish is, that it's easy to remove. A cute pastel nailart is the result.

Until next time!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik wist niet dat jij aan nagelkunst doet. Leuk hoor. Mooie kleuren ook...

  2. Hey Dinah, ja toen ik aan het "uitzieken" was mee begonnen :) Nailways heeft echt hele mooie producten!