zondag 20 december 2015


On my crisp French manicure I made a lovely Christmas nail art with the waterdecals from Nailways.

First I added a layer of clear basecoat of Seche. Remember my French nail art from 1 December and the crinkled flowers, this time you need/want a smooth nail art :). A waterdecal will not bond with a gel base. At least if you’re planning to wear a glossy top coat.

I cut out all the different kinds of patterns from the sheet. I selected the ones that say “Merry Christmas” and I put them in a little bowl of water. After a few seconds, when the paper back is soaked, I put the pictures on a towel and one by one placed them on the white tips of my nails. 

Then I selected other pictures and placed them on the rest of my nails. I thought that selecting the similar ones looked nice together.

With a layer of glossy top coat of Seche I’m ready to go!

See you next time! (I will make some nail art with the stunning gels from Nailways! You should check it out!)

Maaike Janssen

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