zondag 13 december 2015


Hello girls! Also I made a variant at the theme winter wonderland. Now the only thing that I do miss is real snow :)!

I started with a white polish (11. Simply White) as base coat. The white polish doesn't have all the good ingrediƫnts of a real base coat, but it helps your nails not to become yellow. And that is one of the good qualities which it has in common with base coat.

To get a nice gradient I used a sponge and a blue nail polish (129. Feel the Vibe). I put the nail polish at a white paper and just dipped the sponge in it and after that at my nails.

I also want to have some snow at my nails, otherwise it can't be a winter wonderland of course ;). So I took a few white round hexagons and placed them here and there at my nails. To place them I first put some top coat on (Seche Vite). With a dotting toolhttp://www.nailways.nl/a-25789096/instruments/blauwe-dotting-tool-set-5-stuks/ I placed them where I wanted them. With that same dotting tool and some white polish I also dotted a few dots. I sealed these nails with a stardust top coat (93. Stardust Silver) for a long lasting result.

I stamped with a green stamping polish (Mundo de Unas 7. Dark Green) and a stamping plate with nice triangles which look like Christmas trees (Large Stamping Plate - Tribal Lace) to make the winter wonderland compleet.

Hope to see your winter wonderland at the Nailways facebookpage!

Lots of love and see you soon,

Roosje Jonker

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel erg goed gelukt en zeker echt een winter mani .

    1. Bedankt voor je compliment! Ga je ook een winter wonderland mani maken?