dinsdag 8 december 2015


The winter time is an excellent time for darker polish colors. Today I made a dark nail art with a mysterious bubble effect.

I started out with putting a special liquid on my cuticles so the cleanup will be more practical. I made an ombre nail art gradiĆ«nt. I polished my nails black with 14. Just Black. And in the middle of the nail I used 23. Gamma a purple polish. I like it this way too! 

After two layers of mat top coat and some cleaning ;) the whole look has changed into something mysterious.

After completely drying (very important!) I put on vinyl nail stickers. I filled them with the high gloss nail polish 94. Stardust Hologram. It has a thiny glitter in it and that enhances the bubble effect even more. Before drying you have to remove the sticker immediately.

After I put the vinyl stickers on a piece of non-sticky plastic like a showcase a4, so I can use them again some other day. On the ring finger I placed some of the darker colored rhinestones from the Colored Diamond Facet Rhinestones Wheel. Because I don't use a top coat, because of the matt look this is how I do it. First put a drop of top coat on your non sticky plastic. Then gently dip the back of the rhinestone (I use squeezers) in it and place it on the tip of your nail.  This is how easy it is to make this bubble effect.

See you next time!

Maaike Janssen

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