dinsdag 29 december 2015


At my French nails I used another Nailways UV Galaxy Gel, Lyre.  There are 4 of these Galaxy gels and this one has beautiful stars.

First, I have to prepare my nails so I get rid of the gel layer with a file. A file with 100/180 gritt will do fine! You roughen your nails immediately for the new mani. The black UV Gel pot open the easiest by carefully cutting along the edge with a knife. The strong seals and the black color of the jar extended the usefulness of the gel. 

This time I choose the Lyre Galaxy UV gel. It has stars and sparkles in stunning silver prism colors. The amount of glitter is modest, but there are some more stars. With a gel brush, I have apply a layer of gel on the nail. I choose to do on each nail a random of three stars. Under cured them under the UV lamp for 2 minutes and removed the sticky layer with non-acetone remover. Because the basis is a French mani and the color of the gel is clear, you see the French nails good..

On the ring finger I did a bit of gel  and the beautiful laser strands Silver Fox, I firmly put them stuck in a fan shape and cured them two minutes under the UV lamp. I've subsequently shortened  them slightly, but only that much that they are still on the edge of the nail. Now they look like fireworks.
On one side I glued a metallic purple flower and on the other side metallic purple leaves.

On the other nails, I made a loop of purple metallic stones. At the cuticles, the largest stones and the smallest at the top. A top coat and ready is your New Year Party nail art. Let's pop the corks and fireworks!

Until next time!

Maaike Janssen

Used Nailways products:

Nailways Zebra Banana Nail File - 100/180 grit (5 pieces)

Nailways UV Galaxy Gel - Lyre

Nailways 7-piece Professional Crystals Brushes set

Fast & Easy - Finishing Wipe


Nailways Laser Strands - Silver Fox

Nailways Princess Rhinestone Kit

Nailways Nail Glue with brush

Seche Vite - 14ml

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