donderdag 3 december 2015


Hi Girls! The inspiration for my nails comes from the wetter. It's winter, but it's raining all the time. No beautiful sunny cold winter days, which I prefer!

The gorgeous 129. Feel the Vibe nail polish of Nailways is the base color for my nail art. Lots of people think that these kind of nail polishes are also hard to remove. I can say not at all. They just work the same way as regular polishes. And that's why I love to work with them.

Artnr: 27370252 WD Zilver Y059 
At two fingers I placed the waterdecals rainy wetter.  These are silver waterdecals and very fun and easy to work with.

Nailways has a new nail box: The Mystery Surprise Nail Art Box. In this box you find 15 or more pieces of nail art. Every box can contain different kind of nail arts. The value in the box is around €34,95 and Nailways sales it for €9,95. In one box which I got these nail art droplets. I first applied Seche Vite top coat and pressed the stone in it. After this dried I placed another layer of Seche Vite around it. Because it sticks so good, it won't come of quickly. 

Lots of love and see you soon!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love that you try-out The bigger nail art studs and pearls lately!
    Really looks Nice on you're nails .
    I Love The Blue colour to . Real classic

    1. Thank you Roos! It's all because our new product the mystery nail art box. So much new nail art ideas!!