dinsdag 15 december 2015


For all the nail art lovers who don't want a regular red, green, white and blue Christmas mani. I made this time a cool dark brown with orange stars nail art.

When you start doing your nails you of course have to clean your nails properly first and then apply the base coat. I used Seche White Ridge Filling Base. This base coat also covers nail imperfections. A base coat polish cares for good adhesion of the nail polish with the nail.

Choose a nice dark brown nail polish for this nail art and polish all your nails. I choose Nailways Party! - 128. Non Stop. It's a very dark nail polish with a little shimmer. For polishing it's best to make three movements; First a line in the middle and then the sides lines. After this first layer dried for about 5 minutes you can apply the second layer.

At the ring finger use three big orange star studs. The rest you fill in with smaller orange glitter stars also in orange. It is best to do this with a big drop of top coat on a piece of plastic. Using your tweezers, grab the studs on and dip gently into the top coat. Then place it on your nail. With a clear top coat you ultimately get a deep warm Christmas mani!

Until next time!

Maaike Janssen

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