zaterdag 26 december 2015


This is my last nail art with the Red Kiss UV Gel color as my base. Today I show you how you can place waterdecals at a UV or Soak off base layer.

After I've cleaned my nails with Finishing Wipe I first polished my nails with a regular nail polish base coat.  When you don't do that and place the waterdecals and a top coat, the waterdecals come off. There will be air under the waterdecals and they won't stay at your nails.

Waterdecals - Kerstengeltjes

The waterdecals are very tiny traditional Christmas scenes. They are very classic and very suitable for my red base. The pictures I cut out and placed them in a small bowl with water. Don't leave them
too long in the water about 15 seconds, because the paste function at the back of the waterdecal will disappear. Take the waterdecal out of the bowl out and lay them on a tissue. The image will now come off effortlessly. I use always tweezers to place them at my nails. 

And now another little tip from me: For pressing the waterdecals at my nails I always use a highly flexible XXL stamper. Repeat until you have all the images on your nails. If the images are all stuck you seal everything with a glossy topcoat like Seche Vite.

Until next time again!

Maaike Janssen

Used Nailways products:

UV Metallic Gel - Red Kiss

Nailways - Base Coat - Pink 15ml

Waterdecals - Christmas Angels BOP090

Top coat - Seche Vite

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