dinsdag 22 december 2015


One of the wonderful Nailways UV Glitter Gels for the holiday season are the Galaxy UV Gels. They are UV Gels with a really nice combination with glitter stars, normal glitter and stripes in silver, gold and prism! For this mani I choose the one with prism and gold, Andromeda.

Before you start with the first gel layer you have to prepair your nails by roughen and remove old particles with a file. You can prep your nails with primer for a better adhesion of the gel with your nail. 

The gel comes in a (black, of course) jar. It is very well sealed and ain't so to open. You can open it by cutting with a knife around the edge or carefully place a sharp point of a knife in it. Do not forget to stir well with a satay skewer or toothpick before use. 

This gel contains fine golden glitters, gold stars and little dashes of color prism. Just take your brush and dip into the gel. It's a solid mass and not like uv gel top coat. It depends on the length of your nails how much you need. However, it is easier to put more gel on than to get it off.  If you took too much just place it at your other nail. Of course there are other ways, but this was the least messy option for me :). I maked sure I got a star on each nail. The star I placed around my smile line in the middle.

When one hand was ready, I put it for two minutes under the UV lamp. With a finishing wipe I got the adhesive layer of the gel off .  If you still have a bump or piece that sticks out you can gently file it off. Because my nails have a clear basis the French mani sees through. With striping tape I made some abstract lines under the smile line. I also placed some gold colored nail polish 131. Royal Club under the white tip. I placed a normal Seche Vite glossy top coat for the finish.

Until next time again!

Maaike Janssen

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