donderdag 17 december 2015


The whole world around me is full of coming Christmas, so I almost forgot that it also becomes winter. That's why I wanted to make a sweet "last" Autumn nail art.

For this nail art I searched for Autumn animals like hedgehogs, rabits and deers. I found those at the Enchanted 2 Moyou stamping plate. The Moyou Enchanted collection is full of designs with animals and not only particular for the Autumn. There are also beautiful stamping plates for coming winter.MoYou - Enchanted - 02
Making a certain nail art is always such a creative proces. You have an idea, you have the plate and you need some colors. I choose the nude color 68. Light Up from Nailways and the brown color 58. Caramel from Mundo de Unas.

I sealed the animals with Seche Vite top coat so I can keep this nail art till 19 december, the day before Winter ;). Goodbye Autumn!

Lots of love and see you in the Winter,

Roosje Jonker

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