vrijdag 1 januari 2016


Hi Girls! First of all we like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! In 2016 we hope to share a lot of new nail arts with you.

At 2016 we are going to do it a little different. We have wrote for a half year in English, but we are going to write in Dutch again. We have a translate button at the right corner of our page that will translate our pages in every language you want. We hope you will follow us that way. It seems a good plan for the new year ;)

We like to work more with your questions in the new year. So if you have a question about a certain Nailways product, the way of use of things etc. just leave the question behind and we will try to give you a good answer in a blog later on.

Lots of love, until next time and Happy New Year!

Maaike Janssen & Roosje Jonker

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